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Whatever your current level of experience, I will help you achieve your goals in the markets. I’ve made successful traders who had little to no experience at all. I have also cured “broken” traders and transformed them into consistent, safe money-makers.

Illuminati Trader is solely focused on helping you make profits

Understand the method by watching the comprehensive tutorials on 10 video CDs Apply the method using the online Inner Circle tools that help you find the explosive opportunities Keep up-to-date with the ongoing education and alerts from Guy, Feel reassured by our thoroughly-trained customer care representatives based in the U.S. The program is backed by an unprecedented 100% money-back, total satisfaction guarantee.

This ALL-INCLUSIVE package focuses on what really works. You can learn the entire approach in about 10 hours and start trading like our Inner Circle members for profit targets of 50-200% within just a few days.

DISCS 1-2: Introduction To Illuminati Trader In the first two CDs, you’ll learn the method outline and how to profit from it. You’ll appreciate the key filters, indicators, and chart patterns that combine to make the technique work in practice.

These tutorials provide the foundations for your goal of making money regardless of which way a stock might move.

DISCS 3-4: Introduction To Options Options offer the only way by which you can bet in advance that a stock will go up or down and still profit from either outcome.

In these CDs, Guy will teach you options trading from scratch, even if you’ll never trade them before. Guy presents the material in his unique, user-friendly style, using pictures and dynamic graphics so you learn fast.

By the end of these sessions, you’ll be truly amazed at how much you’ve learned.

DISCS 5-8: Volatility Trading Here you’ll view around 50 animated trading examples so you can witness the Illuminati method in action. You’ll observe the results of the filters where you’ll learn how you recognize the best-looking opportunities time and time again.

You’ll also learn how to use the exclusive Inner Circle tools to help you filter for the trades that are most likely to move.

DISCS 9-10: The Ideal Trading Mindset To be a winner in the stock markets you need to combine good technique with the optimum trading psychology. Illuminati Trader is unique in that it guides you through this, with Guy revealing the hard lessons learned from years of trial & error. Make the most of these sessions and adopt the habits that will make you a consistent winner.

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