IBD’s Level 1 –
IBD Level 2 - Intermediate Strategies For Successful Investing

IBD’s Level 1 Home Study Program

Introduces beginning investors to IBD’s top-performing CAN SLIM Investing System, the seven traits of winning stocks, major chart patterns and market timing. Get started at your own pace with the interactive Level 1 Home Study today!

Learn Proven Techniques for Succeeding in the Market

With the current volatility of the market, it’s never been more important to use a time-tested, successful strategy for investing. The IBD® Level 1 Home Study Program makes it easier than ever to get started in learning proven methods for selecting stocks that have the traits of a big winner!


  • CAN SLIM Investing: The Level 1 Home Study Program gives you an introduction to IBD’s top-performing CAN SLIM Investing System.
  • Identifying Big Winners: Learn the seven traits that all great stocks share before they make their biggest price gains and how to spot the next big winner.
  • Chart Patterns: You’ll see how to identify the three major chart patterns that precede major price moves.
  • Selling: Discover proven sell rules to help you protect your portfolio using stock charts to spot red flags early.

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