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This is a new limited-time offer for David Starr's Ready. Aim. Fire!® indicator. Use the tools he's using in order to get in earlier on more powerful and faster high-probability moves as the market pendulum swings in the other direction. While other traders get stopped out by fakeouts or enter too late, you can catch reversals before they happen!

Ready. Aim. Fire!® is a price oscillator that dynamically shows if a stock is overbought or oversold on short, intermediate, and long-term timeframes. The underlying calculation of RAF gives a smoothing effect to the indicator to minimize false signals and provides additional validity to the signals generated.

  • Find super high probability intraday and swing setups 
  • Precise entry and exit rules (including early signal detection) 
  • Buy bottoms and sell tops ideally with Ready. Aim. Fire!®
  • Trade anything with RAF: Options, Futures, Stocks, & Forex
  • Major buy or sell signals on RAF can turn into massive moves
  • Use Ready. Aim. Fire!® on any timeframe you trade

Note: TOS indicator only

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