– Making Sense of Statistics

Making Sense of Statistics provides a thorough, but accessible, introduction to statistics and probability, without the distractions of mathematics. The book does not require you to use any algebraic formulae or equations, but it does explain how and why methods work, and exactly what answers mean. Guidance is provided on how to design investigations, analyze data and interpret results. There are exercises and case studies from a variety of areas of application, and an accompanying website from which interactive spreadsheet models and data files can be downloaded.


‘I would recommend this book to any student following a non-science type of course at university.’ – Susan Starkings, Significance(Magazine of The Royal Statistical Society)

‘There is a lot of very helpful…text explaining the concepts, and also giving many practical hints for particular situations…the style of presentation is very good, giving an impression that the book is a pleasure to read and relatively easy to understand…In any case, it is very interesting to know that most of the basic ideas of statistics can be consistently and nicely explained with surprisingly simple means…The book can definitely be very helpful for anyone who needs to know about statistics.’ –Journal of Operational Research Society


is a historian, filmmaker, and broadcaster who has written several bestselling books and made well over one hundred documentary films which are regularly seen on PBS. Professor of Public History at the University of Manchester, he is a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts, the Royal Historical Society, and the Society of Antiquaries. He recently received the British Academy President’s Medal for services to history and outreach.

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