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This highly accessible and innovative text uses Excel (R) workbooks powered by Visual Basic macros to teach the core concepts of econometrics without advanced mathematics. It enables students to run monte Carlo simulations in which they repeatedly sample from artificial data sets in order to understand the data generating process and sampling distribution. Coverage includes omitted variables, binary response models, basic time series, and simultaneous equations. The authors teach students how to construct their own real-world data sets drawn from the internet, which they can analyze with Excel (R) or with other econometric software.


"Barreto and Howland have taken a truly innovative approach to teaching undergraduate econometrics, using computer simulation methods to illustrate and clarify difficult topics. Fully integrated with Microsoft Excel, this textbook forces students to take a hands-on approach to the subject. There is no better way to learn econometrics than by doing econometrics!" Jason Abrevaya, Purdue University

"Barreto and Howland have done an excellent job of producing an introductory econometric textbook based on Excel software combined with a well-written and applied intuitive approach to econometrics. In my opinion, their teaching philosophy is absolutely the correct method: Put the student in front of a computer and teach econometrics by doing econometrics" Daniel V. Gordon, University of Calgary

"Humberto and Barreto have written a worthwhile and unique textbook on introductory econometrics. I was initially skeptical that Excel and Monte Carlo simulation could be integrated coherently, but the authors execute it well. This book has many positives, including accessibility, the potential to engage some students who otherwise might not be interested, and the likelihood of students finishing with a strong understanding of sampling distributions and linear regression...instructors should consider this progressive textbook for their undergraduate econometrics course." Ryan E. Wiegand, Journal of the American Statistical Association

Book Description

This introductory econometrics book is radically different from its competitors. Where other texts are filled with formulas and jargon, packed with a great deal of advanced material, and require advanced mathematics, its fundamental strategy is to use clear language and take advantage of recent developments in computers to create concrete, visual explanations of difficult, abstract ideas. For more, readers may visit the website at www.wabash.edu/econometrics.

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