– Your Winning Offer

I'll do 90% of the work, and...

"You immediately have a higher sales conversion rate...

or I pay you DOUBLE your money back!"

Either way... you walk away with more money.

GENERALLY EXPECTED RESULTS: Expect to see an increase in sales conversion rate. Expect to be equipped to acquire more new buyers. 

There are no generally expected results regarding how much money you can make. The amount of money our clients make with our methods varies significantly depending on such factors as your business niche, prior experience with online businesses, the size of your list, your motivation, and the time, effort, consistent work, and money they invest in implementing (and not modifying) our processes.

EARNINGS DISCLOSURE: Nothing on this page should be taken as a promise of additional income or additional earnings.


You get the Winning Offer Creation System with your access to the half-day Accelerated Intensive recorded training… so you can have Winning Offers for all your new funnels going forward.

You get the Winning Offer Construction Bundle… the Cheat Sheets, Worksheets, and all the Winning Offer Templates… so it’s brain-dead simple and easy for you to have a Winning Offer for all your campaigns.

You get the PRIVATE, One-On-One Winning Offer Creation Session with a member of my personal marketing team… so your first Winning Offer is nailed and dialed to perfection for you.

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