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The Hidden Reason Why Your Site Isn’t Converting

Copy our most effective (and fastest) strategy that we guarantee will boost conversions and fatten your profits, without guesswork or increasing traffic!

You Currently Don’t Know Why Your Customers Are NOT Buying From You!

You’re only guessing.

It’s like being lost in the woods without a compass.

Sure, Apple pulled the rug out from under us and kicked us where it hurts with the iOS changes.

I won’t argue with that, however…

We’re in a new advertising world now.

It’s sink or swim.

Now more than ever, you need to know EXACTLY why people are NOT buying from your store…

And how to turn things around, without the expensive ‘guess work’.

Playing the “Guessing Game” is simply draining your resources and time…

And if you’re like almost every website owner out there…

  • It's affecting you financially, mentally, and emotionally...
  • It's likely stealing time away from your family...
  • It's affecting you financially, mentally, and emotionally...

Now, to be fair…

When it comes to finding out why people are NOT buying from your store, there are smart things you can do to help.

Shortly, I’ll share with you the #1 irrefutable way to KNOW how to turn your online business around.

No hype – All facts.

But first, it’s best for you if I share what other options are not working as well…

One option is…

You can make what we call “data-driven decisions!”

One of these tactics is reading data from Google Analytics… yet…

You’re still not getting the whole truth!

Not even close

Another one of these tactics is a post-purchase survey.

For example, asking ‘buyers’ to tell you what nearly stopped them from buying…

Yet: For starters, you’re speaking to a buyer (not a non-buyer)…

What you want is feedback from ‘non-buyers’ who were sitting on the fence and didn’t buy!

And that’s exactly what you’re about to learn—and how to do it the right way! Rather than having to guess why people are abandoning your site without purchasing, they’ll just tell you.

You see, hardly anyone surveys people who didn’t buy—and that’s the advantage of what I’m about to share!

I’ll cut to the chase…

This is (by far) the #1 single biggest needle mover we use right now in our brand-partnership agency to help clients…

  • Know exactly why people are not buying
  • Improve their website conversion rate
  • Turning browsers into buyers or subscribers
  • Increase their aov (average order value)
  • Making their margins a whole lot fatter...

Believe it or not…
All while avoiding days, weeks, or even months of waiting to see if the latest a/b split test worked…

It’s time to stop that “Pay & Pray” Marketing Tactic

The “Pay & Pray” strategy is “paying” to throw more money down the bottomless traffic pit, “praying” that a new creative will make a difference.

That’s the old way.

Quite simply, what I’m about to share (the new way) leaves every other conversion hack for dead!

And that says a lot considering we’ve contributed to over $100,000,000 of online sales in the last couple of years ($400,000,000 collectively).

Up until now, we’ve only helped our top-paying BGS () coaching clients, and brand partners with this strategy, and here are some of the before and after results.

What You Get:

Module #1


  • Why user testing is your new unfair advantage
  • Course content and expectations explained

Module #2

What is User Testing?

  • User testing defined
  • Overview of the entire user testing process
  • Ideal customer avatar explained

Module #3

Brainstorming the User Testing Tasks

  • Our tried and tested user testing tasks template (say that 3x fast!)
  • Ideology and principles behind the tasks
  • Inspiration and questions to ask yourself for formulating the perfect tasks

Module #4

Live Walkthrough of Creating the User Testing Tasks

  • No more theory – LIVE walkthrough of creating the tasks
  • Clear reasoning behind why each task is given
  • Remove any doubts you have about how to brainstorm your tasks

Module #5

Recruiting People to do the User Testing

  • Where to find people to perform the user testing for you
  • Quickly and easily find people suitable for any niche
  • How to instantly get a refund for any user testers that do a poor job

Module #6

User Testing Live Analysis Part 1

  • Live analysis of a real user testing session
  • See exactly how Casey analyzes and interprets feedback
  • Witness first-hand the incredible insights gained from user testing done the right way.

Module #7

User Testing Live Analysis Part 2

  • Live analysis of a real user testing session
  • See exactly how Casey analyzes and interprets feedback
  • Whiteness first-hand the incredible insights gained from user testing done the right way.

Module #8

Final Words

  • Quick recap of everything we just learned
  • Reminders and things to keep in mind when doing this for yourself


Additional User Testing Analysis

The course already includes a full website user testing analysis. However, we’ll include another 45-minute module showing the breakdown/analysis of another website, just to drive the point home.


Ecom Profit Checklist

We’ll also include a checklist of 50+ simple, revenue-boosting best practices. You can implement these on your website to see a noticeable lift in conversion rate RIGHT AWAY.

This list was compiled by our revenue optimization team over the last 6 years and shows you how to get some quick, juicy wins.

And much more...

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