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Many of you may be curious of what information sources and tools the banks, pension funds and large financial institutions are using to effectively pull massive amounts of money from the foreign exchange market. It is the goal of ForexMentor to help you to obtain the same fundamental knowledge and resources of Bank Traders.

Although we are essentially technical analysts and make trading decisions based on our technical parameters, as I know you do, we are also convinced of the importance of understanding the economic forces that drive the market. The political changes and geopolitical environment that create a force on the international foreign exchange markets is significant and cannot be ignored. The economic environment acts as a key reference tool to understand what lies behind the technical. Although we may not use the key economic data as the primary source of information to aid in our trading decisions, they are important to understand for traders to have a pulse on the foreign exchange environment.

In addition to the video CD, you will also receive the “Understanding for Profitable Foreign Exchange Trading”. This is a supplementary booklet that will help you to understand the global short, medium and long-term economic shifts that weigh on supply and demand for currencies. These forces will ultimately generate the price movements, major trends and reversals.


  • How to access and use the best online calendar resources available thru leading financial institutions at no cost.
  • Complete resource guide on US economics, international perspectives and daily market reflections.
  • Complete online glossary of key economic reports and why the market cares.
  • How to manage positions in and around important data releases.
  • How to pick up signs of a trend reversal resulting from major economic and geopolitical shifts.
  • Information on relationships between government securities and currency valuations.
  • Primary influences on currencies that cause major shifts.
  • Understanding the importance of changes in Interest rates and GDP, for example.
  • An overview of monetary policy for the major economies.
  • Currency inter-relationships.
  • A complete list of market moving Economic Indicators impacting the major currencies.
  • Info on Central banks.
  • Get to know the Commodity Currencies

And much more…

Designed by , a commodity trading advisor (CTA), this video tutorial will walk you through every step necessary to interpret and understand daily economic events, announcements, indicators, etc.

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