– Tr3ndy Jon’s The PMZ System ELITE

Introduction to Tr3ndy Jon’s The PMZ System

In the world of financial markets, trading strategies can often be complex and intimidating for newcomers. However, offers a solution with Tr3ndy Jon’s The PMZ System ELITE, a simplified yet effective approach to trading. This system, developed by experienced trader Tr3ndy Jon, aims to provide traders with a straightforward method for identifying trends and making informed trading decisions. In this review, we will delve into the key components and benefits of The PMZ System ELITE.

Understanding The PMZ System ELITE

The PMZ System ELITE revolves around the concept of identifying Price Movement Zones (PMZs) within a market. These zones are areas where price tends to consolidate or exhibit significant movement, indicating potential trading opportunities. Tr3ndy Jon’s system utilizes a combination of technical analysis tools, including support and resistance levels, moving averages, and price action patterns, to identify these PMZs accurately.

Key Components and Features

One of the core components of The PMZ System ELITE is its simplicity. Tr3ndy Jon has designed the system to be accessible to traders of all experience levels, eliminating the need for complex indicators or algorithms. Instead, traders are provided with clear guidelines for identifying PMZs and determining entry and exit points for trades.

Another notable feature of the system is its versatility. Whether trading stocks, forex, or futures, The PMZ System ELITE can be applied to various financial markets and timeframes. This flexibility allows traders to adapt the strategy to suit their preferred trading style and market conditions, whether they are day trading or swing trading.

Additionally, The PMZ System ELITE includes comprehensive educational resources to support traders in mastering the strategy. These resources may include video tutorials, live webinars, and written guides, providing valuable insights into the principles behind the system and practical tips for implementation.

Tr3ndy Edges Scanner

Trendy Edges Scanner allows the trader to pinpoint in milliseconds whether their favorite ticker is at a supply or demand level on multiple timeframes.

The Tr3ndy Edges

They’re perfect for intraday or swing entry setups. The Trendy Edges script indicates supply and demand areas on multiple time frames by seeking out specific candle formations.

Now you can automatically plot the weekly (WE), monthly (ME), and yearly (YE) edges on your ToS charts so you can quickly identify key zones to trade off of.

The Tr3ndy Bands

The Trendy Bands script helps plot and track where momentum is shifting, as well as if the symbol you’re trading is stuck in a chop zone or trending nicely.

Using a custom set of EMA bands, indicator arrows, and momentum candle-coloring, the Trendy Bands keep you in good trades longer and get you out of reversing trades faster.

Benefits of Using The PMZ System ELITE

One of the primary benefits of The PMZ System ELITE is its ability to simplify the trading process. By focusing on key price zones and employing a systematic approach, traders can avoid the confusion and emotional bias that often accompany discretionary trading methods. This can lead to more consistent trading results and reduced stress for traders.

Furthermore, The PMZ System ELITE offers a structured framework for decision-making, which can enhance traders’ confidence in their trades. By following predefined rules for identifying PMZs and executing trades, traders can reduce the likelihood of impulsive or irrational decisions that may result in losses.

Another significant advantage of The PMZ System ELITE is its emphasis on risk management. Tr3ndy Jon emphasizes the importance of protecting capital and managing risk effectively in trading. Through proper position sizing, setting stop-loss orders, and implementing risk-reward ratios, traders using this system can mitigate potential losses and preserve their trading capital over the long term.


In summary, – Tr3ndy Jon’s The PMZ System ELITE offers traders a simplified yet powerful approach to trading the financial markets. By focusing on Price Movement Zones and employing a systematic methodology, traders can make more informed trading decisions with reduced complexity and emotional bias. With its accessibility, versatility, and emphasis on risk management, The PMZ System ELITE provides traders of all levels with a valuable tool for achieving success in their trading endeavors.

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