– The Ultimate Altcoin Investing Course

- 9 Video Lectures

This densely-packed course features 's unique cutting-edge research that really makes a difference to you as an Altcoin trader and investor. Complex market phenomena are distilled into precise, actionable insights that will help you better navigate the Altcoin market.


Bitcoin has been the best-performing asset over the past ten years.

​But what isn't talked about nearly as often is that other cryptocurrencies have appreciated significantly during this time as well, some even multiples more than Bitcoin. These cryptos are called Altcoins.

As the cryptocurrency space continues to evolve, there is an increasing legitimate interest from investors to diversify their crypto holdings into other promising crypto-assets that could offer a lucrative Return On Investment. If anything, the aforementioned Altcoins are a testament to the fact that it's worth trying.

Altcoins can figure as powerful wealth-generating vehicles if strategically invested.

Unfortunately, most Altcoin investment decisions are made based purely on emotion and lack of insight.

But the Altcoin market is governed by a few crucial principles that, if mastered, will fundamentally change how you approach your Altcoin trading and investing

Through this course, you will learn to understand the Altcoin market and the principles that govern its cyclical movements so that you can effectively navigate the Altcoin market as an investor.


Anyone interested in improving their understanding of the Altcoin market and learning strategies to navigate it profitably and effectively will find the information presented in this course incredibly valuable and practical. 

This densely-packed course features actionable insights that will really make a difference to you as to how to trade and invest in Altcoins. It has been designed for those looking to learn about how to better navigate the Altcoin market without spending countless hours on independent research.

The cutting-edge insights covered in the course are complex and intellectually challenging but are presented in an easy-to-follow, digestible manner.

  • Learn about Altcoin Market Cycles and the historically recurring themes in their movement to better understand where Altcoins are in their overall cycle at any given time.
  • Understand the unique relationship between Bitcoin Market Cycles and Altcoin Market Cycles. How they differ, how they co-occur, and how to spot transitional periods that precede either new Altcoin Bull Markets or new Altcoin Bear Markets.
  • Learn how to identify periods of maximum financial opportunity in Altcoins vs. periods of maximum financial risk and learn how to position yourself accordingly. 
  • Understand the specific market conditions that enable strong Altseasons to occur.​
  • Learn how to time the beginning and end of an Altseason.
  • ​Discover a wide variety of Altcoin correlations that will save you time in choosing the investment that best aligns with your time horizon preferences, risk profile, personal investing style, tolerance to risk, as well as unique personality inclinations.
  • Improve your ability to independently spot promising Altcoin opportunities.
  • Learn how to proactively build a cryptocurrency portfolio in line with Money Flow principles so that you can strategically capitalize on prevailing trends in investor profit circulation.

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