Generating consistent gains in an ever-changing market is nearly impossible unless you know how (and when) to adapt to different market ‘phases’. Even a great strategy won’t work in the wrong conditions. The good news is there are 4 market phases that repeat. Once you know how to identify them, it’s possible to choose the right strategy. has refined strategies for each market phase over 30 years.

In this new class, John will share exactly how to adapt his Small Account strategy to current market conditions. This class is designed so that even newer traders with smaller accounts can generate consistent profits without watching the market all day.

In this Saturday class session you'll discover:

  • John’s favorite strategies for consistent gains (even without a strong uptrend)
  • How to know when each market ‘phase’ changes and be positioned to profit
  • Proven setups to safely turn volatile moves into quick and reliable cash flow
  • When to use super high probability ‘soft bets’ for low-stress income
  • The early warning signs that ‘blink’ before almost every stock market crash
  • How to build lasting wealth by staying ahead of the biggest economic trends

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