What if you could learn that:

There is an investment vehicle that can make your rich in 5 years or less.

There is system to which you do NOT have to dedicate 8 hours a day, nor quit your day job….yet. I swear I only spend 45 minutes max doing this.

There are ways to accelerate your learning curve so you become profitable in just a couple of months.

There are profitable proven strategies that could take you at least 3 years to find, learn and master…(I´ll tell you why later)

There are secrets kept by professional traders that could give you an edge in trading. They will NEVER go public.

There are hundreds of people that are already one step ahead of you, because they already took a decision.

There is one team willing to Mentor you all the way through, until you become profitable.

There is a complete package in which you will find everything necessary to be successful in:

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Dear Forex Trader,

Are you tired of working from 9 to 5 (maybe till 7 or 8 is more likely) in a Job that will NEVER make you rich?

Are you confused because you don’t know where to start looking for your financial freedom?

Do you think it is unfair because you do not have much capital to invest?

Are you sad because you do not have a mentor that will show you how to succeed and find your financial freedom?

Do you wonder if you will ever be able to retire?

Are you happy with your actual life style?

Don’t Worry. There are millions of people just like you with the same questions. They will ALWAYS stay the same …unless you take ACTION. The good thing is that I am here to mentor you and help you achieve your financial liberty.

Well, what can you do? For starters, you can continue whining and hope you win the lottery or someone inherits you and in a couple of years look back and be sorry that you never took that decision OR you can take action, get some education (financial, that is) and give your life a drastic change and in a couple of years look back and see your self in the life you always wanted.

As I said before, keep trying to get rich with a “Get-Rich-Quick-Scheme”, and you will never make it. But find a profitable proven system, replicate it, leverage it and treat it as a business…and the rest is history. Well almost. At least you WILL get there.


There are many web sites, programs and methods that promise you they will make you rich or that they can grab 1,000 pips daily…What a bunch of Bull… We almost all fall for that, then lose our money, start the search for gold once again, and the cycle just continues on and on, until your back at your day job. Sounds familiar?

Well, I´m here to tell you that

That is ALL about to end starting today!

The program of which I will talk to you about is a real market, a real system, with real results, and surely really fabulous. The Forex Market.

There is only one catch…This market requires A LOT of education, and these are the 2 reasons why 90% of Forex traders fail:

  1. They will have their money managed by someone else and not take responsibility for the results.
  2. They will not get a complete education of what is facts vs myths on Forex Market and will do ALL the wrong things that will only accelerate their failure.

So beat these 2 points and you are on your way to riches.

This is why I created The MentorMeForex Power Course and Mentoring Program. I am really here to help. Of course the making of this program takes time and investment, so this is why I have to charge something. I only want real interested and committed people on my program.

I am very committed to help you reach your financial objectives, goals, help you reach your financial freedom, or maybe help your start building your retirement nest. Or maybe, if you have what it takes make you rich like me.

I have already been there, so here are some simple facts about me:

I’ve been trading Forex since 2001 I have already helped thousands of people from other countries (Check out my other site at: www.inversionesfx.com. It has already 2 years and hundreds of satisfied customers!) I have invested thousands and thousands of Dollars in courses, seminars, books and systems for my education. I have made a LOT of money, I LIVE MY LIFE THE WAY I WANT (One of my passions besides Forex is traveling. Here is proof of me around the world.)

Ok, so why do I tell you this?

Because nowadays there are just too many people trying to sell stuff, when not even they are successful at it. So there’s proof to show you i’ve made it.

The other point is I am willing to transmit to you all my years of experiences in this program, and even more, tutor you until you are confident about yourself when trading Forex.

Don’t Be Left Behind!

Ok now to the point. In order to be successful in Forex, you have two options:

Or you learn the hard way like I did, meaning having patience and hope you learn the ins and outs of Forex Trading Before you go broke. (That is years of studying and practicing, mastering emotions, buying other courses hoping they are good, attending seminars, losing time in forums, reading books, trying out strategies, etc), or

You learn the easy way: Find a Mentor and ask him to teach you everything he knows, and shortcut yourself to profitable trading within months..

The Answer

A Complete Course with a Mentoring Program

The question is: Will this course make you rich immediately? Of course NOT.

What it WILL teach you is how to gain giant profitable trades in relation to your investment size, while minimizing your risk through the application of professional and time proven risk management techniques and strategies.

What this course will also help you is to reach your financial goals and even some of your material short or long term dreams.

Just look at what others have to say:

“$1,200 in only 8 days!”

“My first trade in my real account gave me $1,200 in only 8 days. At first I was a little skeptical about this course, but now I am a firm believer. For now I am gaining back my losses that I had before studying the course and applying the techniques. Thanks Jose”

– Pablo Costella, Panama

“Of all the courses I have received none have gone into so much detail as this one…and none have been so easy to follow”

“Before I studied the MentorMeForex Power Course, I was afraid to invest my long time earned savings. I always thought that these types of markets were not for me since I have such a low tolerance to risk taking. One day I thought about it and it was time to take action so I bought the course. The truth is that of all the courses I have received, none have gone into so much detail as this one…and none have been so easy to follow. Now more than ever I am interested in making my money work for me and not the other way around.

– Xinia Machado, San Jose, Costa Rica

“The Course paid itself with my first trade!”

“With the simple fact of applying one of the strategies taught in the course, regarding to money management, I kept myself from losing $250 again. This may not sound like much, because i trade a mini account, but the course basically paid itself with this one transaction. I cannot wait to open my real account to apply all the content given in the course. I am very sure that this course will pay itself many times over again.”

– Fernando, Uruguay

“This is definitely the best On-Line Forex course out there”

“This is definitely the Best On-line Forex course out there. It is well taught, practical and easy to understand. It teaches everything form basic to advanced complete strategies and every question has been answered quickly and with seriousness. You know that at the other end there is a real person that will answer your questions. It really is like having a Mentor take you by the hand through the Forex Road”

– Francisco Gomez, Madrid, Spain

For now everything looks nice, but…Show me Results!

This is evidence of one of my portfolios that i traded live with the signals that subscribed members received. It is obviously not my main account, but the important thing is that members actually followed the signals and got the same results.

Look at the results. I have not modified Anything. You can look at ALL the trades, winning and losing trades.

This is Just 1 Month on 1 account!

Only to start trading I started my account with $3,500, so my members could follow the signals and see the same results. This is a real return of investment of approximately 24% en just ONE MONTH. Please show me a real business that can give you these results working a couple of hours a day! Imagine that even a 10% return is much, much more than what the bank gives you yearly. With these results you could expect annual returns of 120%, 150% 200%…. YOU DECIDE.

And this could be more or less depending on your leverage.

Now you can also have these results trading Forex with:

MentorMeForex Power Course and Mentoring program

Here’s what you get:

Everything I know from my 10 year experience trading futures and Forex Markets. The most important parts to make you profitable of the thousands of dollars invested in time, education, courses, seminars and books are described in this course.

This is what you get:

35 Topics, presented in a very detailed way, so you can follow it very easily and without confusion. The course is divided in 8 big sections, which start from the basics to the most advanced complete strategies.

28 Online Videos, so you can visually understand the main concepts and all the valuable information provided to you. It’s like having a Mentor by your side, who will guide you step by step until you become profitable in the Forex Market.

Approximately 6 hrs of pure content, which include real life tools that you use to analyze the Forex Market. This course could of easily been longer, but that’s what happens to most Forex traders. They are confused by so much information, that they don’t know when to start trading and top learning.

A mini course in the form of an e-book, which will explain in a brief but detailed way how Forex Market Works. You can study it when you are not connected to your computer.

Additional Tools, which will help you get more profits and to help you get a better hold of your money/risk management.

“More than $10,000 in profits”

“Since I started the course (almost a year now), I have generated US$ 11,857.35 in profits. I’m so happy and satisfied with my results that this year I will invest much more apart from my profits”

– Rafael Espinoza, Puerto Rico

“Jose’s mentoring is worth Gold”

“Since I bought the course i had a lot of questions. Each one has been answered immediately and in a detailed way. Some related with Forex and some just on general investing. Thanks to him I feel more confident when doing my investments. Forget about the course! What’s most important to me is Jose’s mentoring that has been worth Gold”

– Javier Olivares, Barcelona

“This Course offers more…for less”

“Just wanted to tell you that once I paid $ 998.00 for a Forex Course.. When I saw your price I was Skeptical at first, but really, you have to be kidding me. This Course offers much more for half the price. In other courses you don’t get the HOW TO of the strategies…Not to say the Mentoring! Definitely this course offers more content fore less money”

– Felipe Sanchez, Mexico DF

“$ 436.00 in my first trade”

“Really incredible. I bought the course and immediately subscribed to the signal service. I take my first trade and BLAM! $ 436.00 in my first trade in less than 2 hours. I could not believe it. Why didn’t I find this course before?

– Santiago Delgado, Lima, Peru

Still don’t Believe me? When you get the course, you will see how I got over $6,000 of profit in one trade. Click on the video to see a small fraction of what you get in this powerful course. Liked it? Convinced?

Take advantage of this special introductory price, available only during this month. ¡Limited Time Offer! When you order the MentorMeForex power Course, you will receive IMMEDIATE access via you e-mail so you can start studying right away. I really believe in giving you your money’s worth, so I’m going to put in some extra bonuses. Here are 5 free gifts if you order right now: Gift # 1: FREE Mentoring

When you order the MentorMeForex Power Course, you will receive Free Mentoring from me personally by email, so I will answer ALL the questions you have regarding the Forex market, strategies, money management, etc.

This is the REAL benefit of the course. Other courses offer you ZERO customer service after you buy their products. With the MentorMeForex Power Course, you get all the mentoring necessary until you become profitable!

This is why at first we will only be accepting 200 customers (Priceless)

Gift # 2: Access to the Additional Member’s Area

Additional to all the course’s content, I will give you access to the additional member’s area, in which i will be placing neat tools so you can better manage your portfolio, as some other charts and important links and market information. This will be easier so you do not have to visit multiple sites to get your daily information and tools. ($50)

Gift # 3: FREE Updates!

Each time the MentorMeForex Course is updated you will be notified by e-mail. If you act now you will get the benefit of having these updates as long as you stay a member.

In the worst case scenario that the content is updated only once a year, that means at least $299 free each year.

Believe me. Other courses just charge you again when they release their new versions. So you have to go and buy everything again. ($299)

Gift # 4: ONE Month of Forex Signals

Get one month subscription to MentorMeForex Power Signals for only $ 4.95. These are some of the most profitable Forex Signals you will ever find, that have only been available to a specific group of customers, until now. ($49)

Gift # 5: Inclusion in the VIP List

If you order now, you will be included in the MentorMeForex VIP list. This will give you the right to receive live examples I make from my own portfolio. Extra tips and breaking news are also a part of the benefits you will be receiving if you act now. ($100)

One final note: Start thinking of the excitement when you finally achieve your economical goals and financial objectives in life, when you give your family what they deserve and when you give yourself what you want. I assure you that this course will help you with these goals, and that you will start seeing improvement in your trades.

Please have this in mind: If you want to be successful in life their are 2 basic things to the formula of success:

  1. You have to TAKE ACTION.
  2. You NEVER have to quit


, Author MentorMeForex Power Course ® Professional Forex Investor

P.S. If you don’t order the MentorMeForex Power Course, are you going to keep on losing money they way you’ve been doing? Isn’t your time worth more than just keep no surfing forums in look for the holy grail?

If you continue on that same path, are you ever going to reach the professionalism you want as a forex trader? Are you going to reach your financial goals and give you the life style you have always dreamed of?

I cannot guarantee I will make you rich, because personally I don’t know you. Neither do I know the level of commitment you have. But as you can see the potential to become rich exists, and I am living proof of it. As you read, I am here you to help you reach all your objectives, so take advantage of that.

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