– Red Jacket Course (The Norden Method)

not only earned the coveted Red Jacket of a LIFFE Local, but also led the derivatives desks for some of the world's largest investment banks in a career that has spanned over three decades.

Red Jacket Course by The Norden Method shares with you how to develop viable strategies and flexible tactics for higher profit earnings at consistency. We teach traders to play a different game, a professional one, based on old-school market making techniques adapted for modern electronic futures.

The Red Jacket Course by The Norden Method provides a holistic walk – through on how to develop viable trading strategies to earn top – out profits without undertaking big risks. The step – by – step instruction on the whole process is shown alongside the illustrated case studies and examples, which can help you easily understand the framework. Technical analysis is highlighted as the key to the consistency of profit winning. The trading market is best known for its high volatility which challenges many traders, however, if you master the chart reading skill and analysis techniques, you can spot the signals and patterns that trends follow to accurately project the next moves. 

Market forecasts can help you have much more time to develop a framework and strategy to leverage the upcoming momentum direction to gain high profits. The detailed instruction on the best practices and common mistakes helps you get away from pitfalls and focus on the right tracks to grab the trading opportunities. Moreover, through the explicit explanation about how to break down the influential factors to the market trends, and improve the market projection, your timing skill will be improved after taking the Red Jacket Course by The Norden Method. It helps you get the optimal timing to start or stop your trades, and enter or exit the market to gain the optimal risk/reward ratios. The Red Jack Course is the collection of trading lessons in the Silver Badge Foundations in addition to the narrative videos. It provides an ample chance to level up your trading techniques and skills through the instructions on frameworks and the illustrations of case studies, charts in real – time trading.

Overview of what you can learn in the Red Jacket Course by The Norden Method:

  • The fundamentals of trading are shared, so that you can develop a solid foundation to grow your trading account.
  • The step – by – step guidelines of powerful techniques and strategies for consistent profitability.
  • The illustrations of case studies and examples are provided for you to gain practical insights.
  • The best practices and common mistakes in the process of applying the Norden Method to real trading are pointed out.
  • And so much more!


has been known for his striking approaches to trading strategy development and implementation. He is the author of many notable books, such as An End to the Bull: Cut Through the Noise to Develop a Sustainable Trading Career, and the Active Trader. Moreover, is also the founder of an online platform called nordenmethod.com, which provides educational programs about trading techniques and strategies. There are many online courses and trainings that are designed for every level of trading, which makes it easy to find the most suitable courses to level up your skills and knowledge as well as gain the consistency of trading profitability. 

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