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“Complete this step-by-step video seminar with guidebook and I guarantee you'll know what it takes to be a winning Swing Trader.”

Now learn the powerful CTS Swing Trading methodology in this new video seminar.

reveals the proven approach and powerful secrets that we’ve developed and refined over the last 10 years.

CTS President and Director of Technical Research will take you on an easy-to-follow tour sharing the details of how to be a successful swing trader. Regardless of your experience level, now you can learn to Swing Trade in the same way that has yielded such impressive results for CTS.

Video 1 will build a solid foundation in the core concepts of Swing Trading. You'll learn directly from the master himself, .

Nick presents the concepts and tools in detail so you'll learn how to swing trade with complete confidence. Additionally, you'll get his 5 proven steps to swing trading success. You'll see exactly what indicators he uses, exactly how to apply them, exactly how to time entries, establish profit objectives, stop loss, and more.

Absolutely nothing is left out!

Video 2 builds on the fundamentals as Nick walks you through several trade examples utilizing his 5 steps to swing trading success. You'll hear first hand why we bought at one price and took profits at another. Here's your chance to get inside Nick's mind as he shares his thought process for every dimension of several recent trade recommendations. In the second half of this tape, 20-year trading veteran and programmer John

Sheely will reveal a mechanical approach that emulates CTS Swing Trading. He’ll demonstrate the evidence that swing trading works and will show you why it works so powerfully.

Video 3 unveils the secret to winning on a high percentage of your trades and what that means to your comfort level as a trader. You'll understand why the swing trader has racked up such an amazing track record of steady profits while minimizing drawdown.

The key is the exit strategy and we'll show proven techniques that can take your trading to a new level. Last but not least, we cover an in-depth section on money management for Swing Trading.

You'll learn how much you can risk on every trade and begin to trade with greater confidence.

The guidebook adds supporting elements to each video and is filled with easy-to-read charts and other information designed to augment visual education

Mission Statement:

To inspire and equip leaders to discover their purpose, and design their lives to achieve their wildly important goals.

Favorite Quote:

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” -Gandhi

Favorite definition for coach:

Coaching is a catalyzing relationship that accelerates the process of great performance.

Most Notable Professional Achievements:

  • Weekly Contributing Analyst for CNBC, Reuters, and Dow Jones from 1995-1998
  • Member of the Dearborn Financial Publishing Executive Leadership Team from 1996-2001
  • President of the most profitable division in the company for 5 years
  • COO of Nexus Financial Group from 2001-2004. Co-created the Top Producer brand and the askbrianpeart.com website
  • Founding partner of Big Innovations, a marketing consulting company specializing in direct response marketing….the Company has been profitable every month since its inception in April 2004.
  • Co-founded the Legacy Leadership Forum - a business and life coaching firm in the Spring of 2006: Coached business leaders around applying universal principles.

Coaching Credentials:

  • 15-years experience owning and operating several profitable businesses
  • Member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • Certified Coach from ICF accredited CoachU, (CEG)
  • Director of Men’s Ministry for Palm Beach Community Church 1995 – 2005

began his professional trading career over thirty years ago, as he began trading for Commodity Corporation the premier trading company for the period. Based upon his phenomenal success, he began Pinnacle Trading Company and began managing funds for high-profile firms such as Dean Witter and Merrill Lynch. He ultimately managed more than $50,000,000 as a registered advisor.

He continued his career as a highly valued energy proprietary trader for Duke Energy and Centaurus Advisors. John has often been asked to appear on both television and radio for his insightful analysis of both stocks and commodities and even hosted his radio program in Dallas and Houston, Texas.

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