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How to consistently execute your trading strategy perfectly. Once you have fully mastered the fundamentals of your strategy, you will be able to apply it with total concentration. Perfect execution will follow naturally. You will be entering your trades, placing stops, managing the trades, and exiting according to the precise plan that you have laid out.

How to maximize accuracy and speed. In trading and in life, windows of opportunity are often short-lived. I will teach you what you must do in order to evaluate trading situations accurately and then enter before the window of opportunity is gone.

  1. The Checklist That Guarantees Increased Performance

In this section, I will teach you how you can achieve victory on the trading battlefield every day before the market even opens. You will do this by putting together all the knowledge I have taught you in this workshop so that you will have as many advantages as possible.

Before you put any plan of attack into motion, you will run down my ADVANTAGES checklist. With each item checked off, you will be positioned to win. Use my checklist every day before you begin trading. Here is what my checklist will do for you:

Once you have laid out your detailed plan, you have a powerful can-do attitude. You will have the advantages stacked heavily in your favor and as you proceed you will find ways to make every event or personal encounter play an important role in accomplishing your chosen goal. While you trade or research strategies, you will be continually adding new knowledge that can enable you to hit your target faster and with greater certainty.

You will have the burning desire that will fuel you with energy and forward momentum to work harder, longer, and with maximum intensity in order to see your mission accomplished. Do you need to spend many hours improving your proficiency in your trading strategy? Does your style of trading require nightly research? Do you have to spend your weekends studying stock charts? You will have the energy and persistence needed in order to hit your most challenging targets.

Using my relaxation techniques, you will clearly visualize yourself executing your plan of attack before it is implemented so that you will execute each key step with ease...as though you've already done it a thousand times. If your target is to apply a new strategy that you have learned at a workshop, you will be able to run realistic simulations in your head so that you will be fully trained and ready to apply it before you even start trading it

You will concentrate your full attention on what you are doing in the present moment. When you are trading, do whatever it takes to hit your targets and nothing else will exist outside of that. You will be unstoppable because there are no distractions to take you off track or cause you to make costly errors.

You accomplish your mission as quickly as possible by focusing only on what is necessary. Does your trading day lack structure because you are trying to use too many strategies or assimilating information that is irrelevant to your trading? I will show you how to take a hard look at all of your actions eliminate those that waste time and energy and move forward with complete focus on those actions that produce the greatest return for the effort.

You will perform every step of your action plan at the right time. To ensure that you hit your target on schedule, you will learn how to precisely time each critical step along the way. What kind of performance do you want to see in your trading three months from today? Through proper timing combined with my other strategies, you will fully position yourself to get there with no delays.

You will build a network of alliances and mentors who have the knowledge and expertise to help you hit your targets. As you begin to move toward your target, you will have received advice, knowledge and training from traders who have already achieved the levels of extreme success that you want to experience.

When you trade, you will be using the right equipment to get the job done. As in combat, you need the proper equipment to be successful as a trader. I will show you how to access every aspect of the trading environment to ensure that every trading day goes smoothly and technical glitches do not stop you from hitting your target.

You will be prepared in the event of possible emergencies that can happen during trading hours. How many times have you lost money because of something out of your control? Now you will sit down and think through different scenarios that on any day can affect your ability to trade successfully. You will have backup plans for everything from power outages to world events that shock the financial markets.

You will have the skills to use your trading strategies to their maximum potential. Before you unleash your plan of attack, you will have the highest level of possible proficiency with the strategies and methodology you intend to use.

VII. Putting Your Plan Of Attack To Work In The Real World

I spend the last part of my workshop walking you through the critical steps you need to follow in order to successfully apply my strategies to your trading and any other important endeavor in your life.

My goal is for you to complete my workshop with knowledge and combat-tested strategies that you will be able to use to achieve the highest level of success in trading and in life. You will be able to approach trading with a framework that will allow you to aim for the right targets and hit them over and over again for the rest of your life.

Reserve Your Very Own

Copy Of My Workshop Today!

My 9-hour workshop on CD-ROM includes all the materials taught in the workshop in printed form. My goal is for you to maximize your potential as a trader. Here is a summary of what I will teach you:

How to attain laser-sharp focus so that you can successfully execute every rule and every step of your trading plan each day.

How to maintain clear judgment and make intelligent trading decisions, even under the most chaotic market conditions.

How to choose your targets and only focus on those which provide the greatest benefit for the least effort.

How to maintain the highest-intensity concentration when you trade in order to avoid costly trading errors that can occur if your decision-making is clouded by outside distractions.

How to boost your confidence during setbacks so that you will continue to make steady and consistent progress toward reaching your goals.

How to become relaxed in stressful situations so that you will continue to execute every rule of your trading strategy without deviating from your plan.

How to apply my special ADVANTAGES checklist in order to combine every edge and every advantage that is available to you in order to assure increased performance.

You will receive all of this, plus much, much more on 3 CD-ROM discs plus an in-depth workbook containing my concentrated knowledge.

I strongly urge you to reserve your copy today.

Best regards,

Here's What One Full-Time Trader Says About Richard:

"...When I came to Richard, he immediately helped me to overcome my biggest problem in trading -- fear. Fear caused me to hesitate, and all too often I'd miss good trades. And once I missed a trade, I effectively sabotaged my ability to trade properly for the rest of the day. Richard's strategies 'brainwashed' me in a positive way, and I no longer struggle with fear or hesitation. I follow my rules religiously on every trade.

"Richard also helped me see that I was not maximizing my trading performance because I was working with far too many 'weapons.' When he and I sat down and analyzed it, I realized that 5% of my strategies were leading to 95% of my success! Through Richard's help, I now limit my trading only to these strategies.

"One of the astounding things is how applicable everything that Richard teaches is to both trading and life in general. Every day I am grateful for the ability he has given me to apply laser-like focus to every one of my life's endeavors. I highly recommend Richard's workshop..."

is a 10-year Navy SEAL veteran and was a fighting instructor while he was with the SEALs. Machowicz is the author of Unleash the Warrior Within: Develop the Focus, Discipline, Confidence, and Courage You Need to Achieve Unlimited Goals. He is also host of the wildly popular Future Weapons show on the Discovery Channel.

Here is how Larry Connors, who spent some time training with Machowicz, described the man in introductory notes before an interview back in November 2002:

“Richard is someone who has lived his life on the extreme edge of personal achievement and who has a philosophy that’s the backbone of that achievement. Richard only moves in one direction and that is dead straight ahead. He’s intense, extremely focused and highly intelligent. You only need to spend a few hours with him to know why major figures in the entertainment industry, business world and now an NBA team rely upon his training to help them achieve further success in their professions.”

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