– F.I.B.S. Offer Creation Masterclass

Dear Friend,

Imagine, sitting down with a few laminated worksheets and a few dozen numbered cards.

Voila, you emerge a few hours later with a brilliant piece of sales copy and a compelling offer. A cash-making monster that would rival that of any master copywriter.

Imagine, getting into the heads of your prospects on a chemical level, explaining your products and services in a crisp, direct, and easy-to-understand way…

… and painting a clear picture of the HUGE value you create in the lives of your clients.

Now, imagine the pride of literally conjuring cash out of thin air, creating compelling messages and offers.

See them literally sucking the cash out of your list and your visitors, and even quadrupling your ad spend ROI.

Better still, imagine never being ripped off by high-priced B.S. copywriters ever again, never stressing over a blank sheet of paper or being held hostage by a third-rank employee because you NEED a copywriter

I Had No Choice. Death or Offers

When I started writing copy and creating offers, I was an overdrawn, frazzled, and dead-broke e-commerce business failure.

I had not one but two brand-new babies, three teenagers under my roof, and a now ex-wife who was as mean as a rattlesnake.

At least once a month I considered taking my own life.

All I ever wanted was to be a success in business, and I was failing, badly.

It sucked.

I sucked.

… and my dream of being a big-shot businessman was just that, a dream.

That’s when I met the “Chemist,” a real-life chemist turned copywriter.

He had created a 10-step formula of mostly “lifting” other writers’ offers and dropping the steps into a sequence template that worked most of the time.

The whole process took just a few hours.

He didn’t have any idea why these offers worked, and I sure as hell didn’t — the point was, they did… and the system was scalable and repeatable.

Over the next two years, around the birth of internet marketing, I practiced by writing countless offers…

Some were winners and many were losers, but surprisingly, after a very short amount of time, I became a millionaire for the first time.

Over the next few years, I started studying the “why” behind the chemist’s system and expanded on it, ultimately creating the “21-step formula” I use today…

You CAN Sell Too Much

Then, in a single day, it was all gone.

I was growing so quickly, and things got sloppy.

Starting new businesses almost monthly.

Seemed I couldn’t lose.

During that time I had started a dietary supplement company that certainly didn’t cross its t’s and dot its i’s, apparently something vitally required in that business.

As with many in that industry, I learned a bitter lesson of government regulation and in turn, lost 100% of everything I had on earth.

 On top of that, I was left $3 million in debt and almost lost my freedom in the process…

Offers Have Saved My Life More Than Once

I eventually settled with the government and gave them everything, paid off the debt without filing bankruptcy, and set out to rebuild my life.

This is the time that I really honed the system, every step.

Over the following 10 years, till today, I credit the F.I.B.S. system for nearly 100% of my success.

It keeps me in high demand with partners like Ryan Deiss and Roland Frasier.

It makes me a desirable speaker at conferences worldwide.

 It allows me to create cash on demand to buy a new house, car, or boat or take dream vacations at will.

… and it gives me the confidence to take crazy risks in business because I know for a fact if I lost EVERYTHING today, I would still have the system and be back on top in less than a year.

And much more...

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