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Time and time again, we see the evils of “victimless crimes” rearing their ugly head into the daily lives of Americans. These crimes have no party who has been injured: speeding tickets, red light tickets, stop sign tickets, seat belt tickets, possession tickets, and more!

These “crimes” have hurt no one, but merely have the semblance of injury due to statutory laws. This leads to Here’s a ticket for $300 because you ran a stop sign at 4 A.M. even though nobody was around [except the officer to ticket you].” 

When we think back to the earliest days of laws and judges, we will realize court is really meant for (and only for) a tort; a wrongful act to a person or their property; or an infringement of a human right (other than under contract).

If you broke the Golden Rule: Do No Harm to a Person or Their Property– then there should be civil liability and legal consequences. However, in the age of corporations and propaganda (marketing), it seems We The People have lost our way (and rights). Sovereignty is not held by title but is found in the mind. If the mind is given up, eventually an evil will rise to deceive the people into slavery by consent!

Without writing a thesis on those “lost in corporate America”, suffice it to say that everything “LAW” and “LAW ENFORCEMENT” is set up for revenue generation in this great land. Nothing more, nothing less!

What To Do When The “Protectors” Are Criminals

Prisons pay their prisoners $ 3.50 TOTAL for 8 work hours (as of 2020). The labor is then contracted out at $5 to $10 an hour, generating enormous amounts of revenue for the private industrial complex known as the “prison system.”

So what do you do when the people “sworn to protect (you)” are really modern-day slave drivers? You fight back for once in your life! And the best way to start is to Beat The Ticket!

If each person stands up against small offenses (victimless crimes/tickets), the slave masters will think well before overstepping. It’s going to take a little reading and understanding of the legal system to realize WHY these methods work so well.

Beat The Ticket With These THREE SECRETS

  • SECRET #1
    • Want to beat all future tickets? Use these “TWO WORDS” when signing a ticket to instantly erase it from your record without going to court!
  • SECRET #2
    • Already got the ticket? Sign these “THREE WORDS” on the ticket mailed to you and you’ve beat the ticket without going to court!
  • SECRET #3
    • Have you already got a court date? Send “THREE DOCUMENTS” to make a traffic court judge’s life a nightmare – resulting in a dismissal ~93% of the time!

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