– No More Shit Tests

This program is designed to show men how to deal with the tests that women throw at them, and how to overcome those ‘shit’ tests. It aims to show you how to change your relationship behavior with women in order to handle the games they play to put you in your place.

Creator offers 33 ways to overcome these tests and get a woman to pursue you. It provides witty, creative comebacks to catch her off guard and get a positive response from her, thereby increasing her attraction to you.

Table Of Contents/ List Of Topics Covered: (Audiobook + pdf)

  • How to develop your shit test mindset
  • How to come up with powerful comebacks on your own
  • Multiple responses to the most popular shit tests men get from women
  • 7 strategies to rapidly assess the situation and deliver a razor-sharp comeback
  • Lots of Bonuses not offered in previous packages


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